Survival International has shared with the Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network (GEPAN) a short illustration by French-Israeli writer Oren Ginzburg, which depicts the negative impact that development can have on indigenous communities.

It also relates back to the use of FPIC in all exchanges with indigenous peoples regarding their development. Special efforts have been placed by both Government and civil actors on the use of FPIC in promoting indigenous development. However, there has been little interrogation into how development actually affects the culture and ways of life of Guyana’s first peoples.

We have rarely come across an illustration of what this can mean for indigenous peoples, such as this one. Oren Ginzburg provides us with a precise, good humoured, colourful and vivid illustration which can be easily assimilated by both children and adults. Language here is of no importance where clarity is concerned!

The book is available for consultation here: THERE YOU GO

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