For its 3rd Annual El Dorado Awards on November 18, 2017, The Caribbean Voice (TCV) acknowledged GEPAN’s hard work “characterized by a unique focus on humanitarianism and or protection, advocacy/activism”.

GEPAN was subsequently honored with TCV’s Victoria Regia award. The award is our first and came as a surprise since the organisation was founded less than 2 years ago. It left us feeling humbled, motivating us to pursue our commitment to our beneficiaries, and encouraging us to establish meaningful partnerships with other civil actors geared towards positively impacting society.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at TCV for your appreciation!

From left, GEPAN’s President Anna Correia, Malcolm Wills representing the Youth Action Network (Arapima Awards) and former Prime Minister Sam Hinds (far right; TCV Awards).
GEPAN’s Vice President, Feona Sukdeo (left), is also a volunteer for The Caribbean Voice.