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Amerindian Land Titling – Status

The Amerindian Land Titling Project was launched by the Government of Guyana and funded by revenues generated by the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). An initial US $10.7 million was allocated to the project when it was established in June 2014. The...

Ginzburg’s ‘There you go’

Survival International has shared with the Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network (GEPAN) a short illustration by French-Israeli writer Oren Ginzburg, which depicts the negative impact that development can have on indigenous communities. It also relates back to the use of...

Press Release: Tasserene/Broomes Conflict of Interest

Press release: In light of the Natural Resources Ministry’s request for clarification on what the Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network (GEPAN) understands to be a “conflict of interest” involving its Junior Minister, Ms. Simona Broomes, and the Akawaio community...

Suriname coast guards arrest Orealla fishermen

  GEPAN got word from Orealla that a group of fishermen from the village was arrested by the Suriname coast guard patrolling the Corentyne River. The report we received indicates that the men were conducting regular traditional fishing when...

21 Amerindian Title Applications Pending

GEPAN has observed that the Amerindian Land Titling (ALT) (LCDS GRIF funded project) was interrupted in June, 2015 leaving at least 21 completed land titling investigations hanging. Seven months after the halting of the project, Amerindians are still awaiting...

Minister Broomes’ Mining in Tasserene

Letter to the UN Resident Representative Requesting her Intervention in having Junior Minister Broomes’ Mining Properties Relocated out of the Tasserene Proposed Title Area   January 13th, 2016 Ms. Khadija Musa Resident Representative United Nations Development Programme Brickdam, Stabroek...

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