This year’s Support Education Campaign (SEC) was a success thanks to the immense support ushered in by local sponsors and the Guyanese diaspora. Although GEPAN had initially targeted two hundred and twenty-five (225) children from nine (9) villages, we were able to cater for thirty-six (36) additional beneficiaries, adding two (2) extra villages to the list. This brings the total of beneficiaries since the programme was launched in 2016, to 410.

We at the organisation are grateful for the incredible support from local businesses and philanthropic individuals, who have shown how the spirit of charity and goodwill can empower children in Guyana. Since the organisation was founded in 2016, this steady and reliable support from our sponsors has allowed us to extend the scope of our work, especially in rural communities.

We would like to thank our sponsors and all those who through their invaluable support, have joined us in our mission as we set out to positively impact the lives of Guyana’s future generations.

 Sponsors of our Region #1 Event

Regal Stationery and Computer Centre 

Thanks to reductions on stationery and a generous donation to cover the purchase of other supplies, Regal Stationery & Computer Centre helped in covering the needs of our beneficiaries from Kamwatta and Haimacabra in Moruca, Region #1.

Mr Satyendra Khemraj 

Mr Khemraj who is known to organize charitable events for children in Georgetown, also donated stationery and other material for the Moruca event.



Mr Mahendra Hariraj (diaspora)

Mr Hariraj’s contribution went to complete our Moruca event and is part of the Diaspora’s generous response to our call for donations. He continues to hold Guyana close to heart and believes that  “The best service to humanity is the help one can offer to others in need”.

Sponsors of our Region #2 Events

 Mr Autar, son, family & friends

“As a Guyanese living abroad, having a means to give back to the Guyanese community is a welcomed opportunity. My brethren and I are thankful for the avenue to assist, and through GEPAN’s Support Education Campaign, this was a great way to do so. The resulting smiles on those children’s faces brought joy to our group here in Canada. It is evident our donations were well spent. I would certainly encourage those who are able, to support GEPAN so that they may continue to do the great work  they have been been doing so well for the past 2 years. As they say, “charity begins at home” and Guyana will always be home to me! Keep up the great work!”

GEPAN would like to thank those of the Canada group, including Messrs. Antoine, Jaffri, Vojvodic, Borges and Johnson. We’re humbled by your kindness.

Mr Rickford & family

“I support GEPAN because of its mission to empower and reach out to children across Guyana.”



Sponsors of our Region #4 Events

Our first three events and last event were successfully conducted in  Region #4 were in the communities of  Pakuri Village-St. Cuthbert’s MissionAnandale, Hope Estate and Albouystown. Although some of our sponsors opted for anonymity, others include:

Anjelique Temaul

A&R Cosmetics / J&R Gift Center/J&R Household Electronics

Co-owner of A&R Cosmetics, Anjelique Temaul, has been actively involved in GEPAN’s Support Education Campaign (SEC) since its launch in 2016. Not only has she been a sponsor of our outreaches in Linden and St. Cuthbert’s Mission, but she is also engaged on the ground as one of our focal points for Region #10 and surrounding. This year her efforts were directed towards our Pakuri Village St. Cuthbert’s event.



The Let’s Talk With Lakshmee Show (diaspora)

Proud sponsor of our St. Cuthbert’s event, talk show host Laksmee Singh has been actively supportive of several organisations throughout Guyana involved in back-to-school activities, among others.  We were happy to have her on board for SEC 2017!

Mr Juan Edghill

“I sincerely believe “an investment in EDUCATION pays the best interest.”

I consider this an opportunity to brighten and develop Guyana’s future.”  Our young sponsor believes in giving back to society and didn’t miss an opportunity to be part of our SEC initiative this year!

Mr Harry Pershad (diaspora)

GEPAN is an organization that I can trust, and I wanted to support the lesser fortunate in areas which were most in need. What’s better than supporting children’s education?! Thanks to GEPAN and the many who made this possible!

Mr Victor Singh (diaspora)

“What you invest in your children is what you will get out of them. The time you invest in them today will be priceless in the future.”  Loyal to his conviction, Mr Singh has contributed to the SEC 2017 events in Regions #1, 2 and 4.

Anonymous donor on behalf of young Tyler Ashton Hanoman-Sawh

“No need for thanks, we just love helping kids. Keep up the good work your group is doing!”

To all of our sponsors including our Anonymous donors

Who sponsored Anandale, Albouystown, Red Village, Adventure Sands, Golden Fleece, Lima Sands and Dartmouth, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your acts of kindness. We thank you for your altruism and for having chosen GEPAN to express your kindness and see it materialize.

We look forward to the continuation of a beautiful collaboration as we seek to find new ways to empower those who need it the most!


From our beneficiaries of Haimacabra Primary School, Moruca, to GEPAN’s Don Stoll 

“On behalf of the staff, children and parents of Haimacabra Primary, I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to GEPAN for the kind contribution of back-to-school packages for the lesser fortunate children.  We are grateful for such an assistance. Special thanks to you Don,  for making your way to Mariaba on behalf of the organisation!” 

From Malcolm Ferreira, Councilor of Constituency #10, Albouystown, Georgetown

“Much thanks to Atika Stephens, Anna Campbell and GEPAN for the timely contribution. Much thanks on behalf of the kids of Constituency#10!”

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