Women sorting clothes in Karasabai.

Georgetown- During the month of August, GEPAN distributed clothing to three indigenous villages inhabited mainly by resilient Macushi people: Yorong Paru, Tipuru and Karasabai. Despite the challenges in terms of transportation and logistics, our hinterland network was able to deliver these items to families in need by creating individual parcels.
The three villages are located in the South Pakaraima and are difficult to access due to underdeveloped infrastructure and seasonal floods.

Young man with parcels for Tipuru. Beneficiaries targeted included children and adults.

Poverty is another setback for human development in these communities, making access to basic rights such as education, difficult for financially challenged families. Delivery of and access to primary health care and other State services are also limited.

GEPAN has been providing steady support to indigenous families in need of school supplies, clothing and other basic necessities. Our main beneficiaries remain children, although we continue to respond to pleas for help from anyone in need. Without our hinterland network,  sending in aid to these remote communities would be quasi impossible. This is why in addition to our donors, we would like to thank the people on the ground who make our work possible, for their tremendous efforts in helping us to reach out to our beneficiaries. You are part of our extended team and family!

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