Five reasons why you should become a member of GEPAN:

  • Because you are concerned about empowering vulnerable segments of the Guyanese population
  • Because you will become part of a network which strives to enhance access to human rights in Guyana
  • Because you believe in a strong, modern and committed civil actor which can positively impact the lives of our fellow Guyanese
  • Because you get to contribute ideas to help shape the future of the organisation and the future of Guyanese
  • Because you get to vote at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings


Who can become a member?

Anyone above the age of 18.


How to register:

An annual registration fee of GY $ 1 000 (US $5) is required to cover printing and administration costs.

To register simply complete the registration form available at GEPAN MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and contact us at:


Immediately upon reception of application, registration will be processed and a membership card will be delivered along with a copy of the rules of the organisation.


(Coming soon: Complete online registration)





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