During the course of the past week, one hundred and thirty (130) children from the Essequibo Coast, Region #2, received back-to-school items from the Guyana Empowered Peoples Action Network (GEPAN). Beneficiaries included children from Red Village, Lima, Lima Sands, Dartmouth, Golden Fleece and Adventure Sands.

Faces from Red Village =)

Faces from Lima Sands =)

The Essequibo Coast population relies heavily on agriculture, in particular rice farming, for its subsistence. Residents in the areas from which our young beneficiaries originate, depend primarily on seasonal employment in the agriculture, logging and mining sectors, subsequently finding themselves in a precarious situation. Red Village and Dartmouth are challenged by issues such as high teenage pregnancies, substance and alcohol abuse as well as domestic violence. As a result, children feel the direct impact of these social setbacks, and school drop-out is one way in which they pay.

Dartmouth beneficiaries in company of Feona Suhkdeo, local organiser

Dartmouth beneficiaries in company of Feona Sukdeo, local organiser

GEPAN’s SEC initiative was thought up for children affected by the socioeconomic underdevelopment, especially of rural Guyana. It is made possible with the participation of sponors as well as Regional and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.

Beneficiaries from Lima

Beneficiaries from Lima


Children from Red Village

Children from Red Village with GEPAN’s Feona Sukdeo

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