In light of the recent observation of International Women’s Day, GEPAN has launched it’s Hope for Women fund as a symbolic move to reinforce the organisation’s commitment to help empower Guyanese women.

The Hope for Women fund is designed to provide support to women and girls from modest homes who are socially and economically challenged. It places a special focus on beneficiaries, particularly single mothers and aspiring students, who come from rural and hinterland communities in Guyana.

Emphasis is placed on livelihood projects and educational/capacity building initiatives, all with the purpose of increasing financial independence of low-income families.

 “It is an established fact that gender-inequalities and discrimination challenge women of all social strata irrespective of ethnicity, religion, political creed, values and the society in which we find ourselves. We’re subsequently faced with a global problem that continues to hinder human development, preventing millions of women from accessing their social, economic and in some cases political birthrights. This is why the struggle for women’s rights – for equal rights – must remain at the forefront of international and local development agendas. Policy-makers and global actors must bear in mind that women are economic agents and the backbone of rural populations who play an essential role in unlocking the full potential of economies.  Such a world can become reality if those of us with the capacity to act, take up the responsibility to impact transformational and positive change in our communities as we slowly dismantle barriers of prejudice. There is no telling how far the ripples of responsible action and gestures of kindness can reach.”

– Anna Correia de Sá, Founder. 

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