The Guyana Empowered Peoples Action Network (GEPAN) is a non-profit, secular, organisation geared towards empowering vulnerable segments of the rural and hinterland Guyanese population that are afflicted by poverty, in particular women and children.

Founded by Anna Correia de Sá in January 2016, the organisation was born from a vision that seeks to create as its name suggests, a network of people united with a common purpose of uplifting rural populations.

The team is a collective of passionate young people desirous of making a positive impact on society. Members do not receive salaries, stipends, DSAs or any financial compensation for their work. The organisation survives on charitable donations.

Our work includes documenting socioeconomic issues affecting rural communities, building capacity and giving back to those who need it the most. Special efforts are directed towards the social and economic empowerment of women who remain one of the most vulnerable groups in Guyana, as well as supporting education of young children.


The Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network (GEPAN) is a Specially Authorised Society registered under the Guyana Friendly Societies Act, Cap. 36:04.